Community Wellness remote patient monitoring plus (RPM+) goes beyond the technology of vital signs measurement and weaves in a vibrant, educational community and regular coaching sessions with a board-certified health and wellness coach. This approach ensures the patient actively participates in improving their health and managing their chronic condition(s).

Our method of pairing RPM data with certified health & wellness coaches drives real improvements in health outcomes for patients. As a result, this approach to chronic disease management, which we call RPM+, has been proven to improve patient satisfaction and engagement.

Positive RPM survey results

The results of our latest patient survey are in and show that our RPM+ program is effective.
Survey results infographic

Our coaches know that health is complicated. Therefore, we meet patients where they are and encourage achievable, small goals as the path forward to better health.

Community Wellness RPM patients have good things to say

“Doing this program has made me more aware of what I can do to help myself. Really like my coach — she’s very helpful and easy to talk to.”

“After doing it for a week it has become routine. It’s one of the first things I do in the morning.”

“I find that making it part of my morning routine simplifies everything.”

Looking ahead

As remote patient monitoring and telehealth become more commonplace, Community Wellness is poised to rapidly scale our operations. From 18,000 patient interactions and 187,000 vital sign readings in April 2021, we anticipate 4 million+ interactions and 88 million+ readings by December 2022.

Through patient education and increased participation in their own health management, we will have an immense impact on patient health markers and overall wellbeing. Above all, we take pride in knowing that RPM+ will improve longevity and quality of life for our patients.

To learn more about our RPM+ offering or to request a demo of our product, please submit a request.